25 Feb 2009

California’s Marijuana Tax

by Darren

I just read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald about California planning to regulate and tax marijuana. One of the key issues faced by Tax offices globally is how they get taxpayers to be honest and comply with the tax law. I wonder if they will use scare tactics similar to how they monitor the taxation of foreign income. This will be interesting to see their proposal considering people can grow the stuff in their own backyard. I will post updates as I read and hear more. california-mulls-cannabis-tax

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  • Hi Darren!

    Well, I guess it should be relatively easy to tax the marijuana legally available for pharmaceutical purposes.  Do you know how the Netherlands are taxing marijuana, if at all?

    09/02/25 09:33 PM
    • In Amsterdam the “cafes” are registered businesses with teh government and must adhere to strict controls. The fact that they are reqistered requires that they submit an annual tax return like a normal business and the governemnt will tax any profits arising form the sale. Whether there is a VAT appluied to teh sale on top opf thatxing profits requires a bit more investigation. Will let you knwo soon.

      09/03/23 02:49 PM

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